Social Wave Twitter Posting

Have an organization of energized and excited people and need to put that energy to work?  Need a way to unify your organization marketing/messaging to deliver a wave of social media marketing that can raise brand awareness and drive profitability with low cost?   If so meet the twenty-first century answer to the billboard the  Social Wave leverages the social influence of your members to cause a viral spread of your messages across the internet that will grow as members friends and followers spread your message, multiplying your marketing efforts exponentially.  

Social Wave allows you to post thought provoking, profit driving, brand building messages directly to your members Twitter accounts.  Social Wave also allows you to schedule when the posting happens.  Imagine having a 100, 1,000 or even 100,000 tweets, videos, pictures or status updates posted within a hour period causing a wave of marketing and a level of trending unachievable before. 

Social Wave Web App

Your Social Wave Web App will be delivered directly to your members via text message.  Members will be direct to Twitter and as to signin.  Once the signin process is complete you will gain the rights to post messages relating to your organization directly to there Twitter account.  The sign up process can take as little as three minutes to complete.

User Sign Up Process

Step One

Step Two

Step  Three


Step  Four

(Post Directly to Your Subscribers Twitter Accounts)


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