Getting Started

Members simply sign into your Social Wave built Twitter, Facebook or Instagram app.  Once members have signed into the app they will receive a text message to confirm their sign up and select the frequency of the posting for each social media site.  Members can cancel anytime by simple sending a text message.

Social Wave gives administrators all the opinions needed to post thought provoking messages to users accounts easily.  For example need to promote a big event just enter the event information along with a message and press send to watch the wave start.  Set back and watch as Social Wave analytics shows how your message is setting Twitter and Instagram a blaze as one unified message is posted to all your members’ accounts. 

Social Wave can also send unique message based on users demographics and select messages based on age, gender, and geographic location.  Easily send age, gender, and geographic appropriate posting to users who have a following that can relate to your message.  This encourages members’ friends that have the same demographics to retweet, like or comment on your posting, which increases your likely-hood to trend.  Social Wave demographic based posting also make posting seem more personalized and help to build a more natural marketing environment which members will be more comfortable.    




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